125 Years

Learn more about the history of Eugen Wegner watches - a family run business from 1897.

Watch How It All Began

More than 50 years after the last workshop closed doors, Eugen Wegner’s great-great-grandson has embarked on the adventure of reviving the old brand. Based on historic models designed by his famous ancestor over a hundred years ago, the first new Eugen Wegner watch is set to enter the market this summer.

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Eugen Opens His First Workshop

Already at a young age, Eugen Wegner, an award-winning young watchmaker from Germany, opens his first workshop in Gdansk. Eugen Wegner was the great-great-grandfather of todays team.

Early 1900s

Rapid Growth and Expansions

With the support of his wife Eugen Wegner manages to rapidly grow the business. The business flourishes and new workshops and stores are opened in several other Prussian cities. The main workshop is moved to a new location in the city center of Gdansk.


Hevelius Watch is Born

Inspired by the achievements of one of Gdansk's most famous sons, Eugen Wegner decides to name his newest series of pocket watches after the former councilor, mayor and most important astronomer Johannes Hevelius. The Hevelius pocket watch quickly becomes a bestseller.


Marine Chronometers

After spending some time in South America with fellow competitor WEMPE, Hans-Ulrich, Eugen Wegner's first-born son, enters the business. With expertise gained in his ventures, he successfully introduced the production and servicing of marine chronometers into the company portfolio. In those days, marine chronometers were vital for Gdansk's shipping industry.



In the 1950s the company relocated to Western Germany. With a focus on the marine chronometer business, new workshops and offices were established in the major port cities - Hamburg, Duisburg and Lubeck.


The Watch Industry Collapses

Under constant pressure from new developments in the watch industry and against the backdrop of an overall poor economic environment, the company is unable to sustain growth and success. In the 1960s Hans-Ulrich decides to cease operations and close the doors. Eugen Wegner watches and marine chronometers slowly vanish from the market.


Reviving a Family Business

The idea to revive the old family business becomes concrete. Jonas, Eugen Wegner's great-great-grandson teams up with family, friends, designers, and expert watchmakers to bring the brand back to life. Together they start to develop the first new Eugen Wegner watch.


Revival Collection is Launched

After more than two years of research and development, the new Eugen Wegner watches enter the market - inspired by traditional design and the historic timepieces manufactured by Eugen Wegner more than a century ago. Nowadays Eugen Wegner watches aim to combine heritage, adventure, and curiosity into each piece. All watches are exclusively designed, developed and manufactured in our workshop in Hamburg.


Eugen Wegner Launches to the Public

After a successful Kickstarter Campaign the team has been working hard to fulfill all of the Kickstarter orders. With that complete Eugen Wegner is now taking orders from the public.

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